In 1982, equipped only with a small travel fellowship and a good map, Brian Hall rode his bicycle from England to Italy, where a chance conversation inspired him to extend his journey to the other side of the Iron Curtain. 
The Dreamers
is the story of a passionate, tormented relationship between two very different people who cannot part. More>
The Impossible Country is a privileged glimpse of the former Yugoslavia from within, one that gets behind journalistic accounts to present the intimate hatreds, prejudices, aspirations, and fears of its citizens. More>
Rich and haunting in language, The Saskiad is an epic tale about the search for home and family in the life of a precocious young girl. More>
Madeleine’s World is a biography of Brian Hall’s daughter, Madeleine. Like traditional biographies, it begins with its subject’s birth. Unlike them, it ends on her third birthday. More>
Brian Hall has used the novelist’s art to create a book that fills in the gaps and provides a new perspective on Meriwether Lewis and William Clark’s expedition to the Pacific Ocean. More>
Fall of Frost is a searing, exquisitely constructed portrait of one man’s rages, guilt, generosity, genius, paranoia, and sheer, defiant persistence. More>