What I’m Working on Now

Since 2009 I’ve been taking notes and writing preliminary sketches for a novel tentatively titled The Stone Loves the World.  It’s about two families, one made up largely of scientists, the other of artists and mystics.  They would not normally expend much effort in trying to understand each other, except that a member of the first family, a professor of astronomy, had a brief affair years ago with one of his students, a member of the second family.  The accidental result was a boy, now nineteen, whose adolescent troubles are forcing his parents to communicate with each other more than they have for years.  Subjects pressing on the story from behind the arras are cosmology, exobiology, nuclear war-gaming, Johnny Appleseed, Joan of Arc, medieval mystery plays, open-world video games, and Kierkegaard.  (Hmm . . . Is that the sound of feet beating a path to my door, or running for the exits?)

I’d hoped to be finishing the manuscript around now (August 2013), but a series of pressing personal and domestic issues made productivity difficult for me for about four years.  I’m currently hoping to finish the manuscript within about two years.